Stockton Chapter

P. O. Box 7922
Stockton, CA 95267


President: Carlos H. Romero, Sr. (209) 482-0330

Vice President: Bob Stewart (209) 946-0897

Secretary: Mary Douglass (209) 367-1445

Treasurer: Sandra Romero (209) 477-0195

Sergeant at Arms: Tommy Rau (209) 623-9419

Sunshine/Historian: Sandra Kaneko (209) 465-5429

Meeting Location: THE EAGLES HALL at 1492 BOURBON STREET in Stockton

Meeting Date and Time: First Thursday of Each Month at 7:00 p.m.

Can you believe it? Thirty-six years old! The CSBA has been in business for thirty-six years. We now have six productive chapters, an excellent State Board and an outstanding reputation at the State Capitol.

All this started with a bunch of concerned fishermen, who patronized Jolly Jay’s Bait Shop on Pacific Avenue in Stockton. We decided to get together at Jerry Long’s home on Benjamin Holt Drive on April 4, 1974, to discuss not only a dwindling striped bass population in the delta, but also to form an organization to look into the causes for the decline of this species. We called this organization the, California Striped Bass Association. The twenty-three men who attended the meeting approved the name.

On April 15, 1974, the law offices of Nomellini & Grill, with Dave Grill doing the necessary paper work to make us a nonprofit organization, drafted a charter. We officially became the California Striped Bass Association, with a membership of one hundred and forty-nine. Our motto is: “Dedicated to the Preservation, Conservation and Enhancement of the Striped Bass”.

Under the leadership of Jay Sorenson, our first president, Stockton CSBA grew to over five hundred and fifty members in only a few years. There were members in the Chapter from 48 counties, with one from Alaska and another from Canada and six additional members from other states.

During one of our meetings a members (his name now lost to history) suggested that we form a chapter in Modesto. It was approved by the membership and Modesto became our second CSBA chapter. Twenty-seven years later, we have a well-informed State Board and six very productive chapters and we are still growing!

All our chapters have been politically active, not only in the preservation, conservation and enhancement of striped bass, but also in matters concerning the environment, water diversion, pollution of our rivers, lakes and streams, and other issues affecting our fisheries.

Our quarterly newsletter keeps our members informed on what’s happening not only locally, but also on the State Board level.

The Stockton Chapter of the CSBA also offers scholarships to qualifying graduating High School seniors from San Joaquin County. You can find the application HERE.

The California Striped Bass Association was formed in Stockton in April 1974. The organization, in addition to promoting the protection, conservation and enhancement of striped bass, is committed to developing and promoting fishing opportunities for youth and adults. Our local Stockton Chapter promotes a Young Anglers Club at Sutherland Elementary School, a high school scholarship for seniors, sponsorship of the Monterey Disabled Veteran’s fishing day, the Deaf Angler’s Sturgeon Derby, Kid’s Fishin’ and Grinnin’ Day, and Childrens Home of Stockton activities.

“Kids Fishen & Grinnen” information HERE.

For more information of our chapter please write to:

Carlos H. Romero, Sr.
P.O. Box 7922
Stockton, Ca. 95267