The following are the proposed changes to the fishing regulations concerning the striped bass in California waters.

Section 14 CCR 5.75 San Francisco Bay Estuaries and the Sacramento/San Joaquin Delta

Existing regulation reads: Minimum size 18 inches, with no maximum size restriction

Proposed change: Create a slot limit of 18″-35″
This proposed change applies to the San Francisco Bay estuary and the Sacramento/San Joaquin Delta. Reservoirs, Lakes and Canals would be exempt.

C.S.B.A.’s position, ” Do Not Accept”
D.F.G.’s position, “Do Not Accept”

a. We are opposed to slot limits!
b. Past studies have shown slot limits do not help a fishery.
c. Poaching would most likely increase and the DFG
Does not have the manpower at present to enforce such a rule change
d. The area involved which covers thousands of miles of waterways are much too large of an area to warrant such a rule changes.
c. Such a rule change would most likely benefit special interests and pad the pockets of delta guides.

Section 14 CCR 5.75 (2) (a) (b):
San Luis Res., O’Neill Fore Bay and the Canals of the State and Federal Water Project:

Existing regulation reads: 5 fish limit with no minimum size.

Proposed change: 2 fish limit with 18″ minimum size restriction.

C.S.B.A.’s position, “Accept”
D.F.G.’s position, “Accept”

a. This rule change is necessary in order to stop the decimation of a world-class fishery in which many State, Big Fish and Line Class Records have come from.
b. Our Pen Raising Project at O’Neill Fore Bay is dependent on this change to insure better survivability when these fish are released.
c. More quality fish will be available for harvest.
d. Park usage should increase along with revenues at local businesses as well as the State Park.
e. To standardize the 2 fish, 18″ striped bass regulations state wide

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